Solve Student Printing

Headaches in 10 minutes!

If students know how to send an email or go
to a Web address, they can print with EveryonePrint

EveryonePrint for Education

While most students arrive on campus today with their own laptops, smartphones, and tablet computers, printing from these devices to campus printers remains a challenge. Many IT policies make it difficult for students to connect personal devices to secure networks for printing. And supporting print services when drivers are downloaded onto students' computers and mobile devices presents a huge challenge for IT staff.

EveryonePrint solves the challenge of on-campus student printing. When installed on campus print servers, EveryonePrint lets students securely print to designated printers simply by sending an email or uploading a file with a web browser using nearly any computer or mobile device, whether a student is on campus or off.

EveryonePrint works with most printers from major manufacturers. It integrates with all print accounting solutions and can authenticate users against ActiveDirectory and LDAP. And it installs on your servers in as little as 10 minutes.

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