Pcounter Point of Sale

The new smart till is the latest in Point of Sale design. It’s easy to use, flexible and offers a host of clever features....no need to think, the till does it all for you.

Smart Till offers great opportunities for educational establishments and large organisations. It can be fully integrated accross any establishment using the PcounterPro system...in the cafeteria, shop or library.

Smart Till offers great flexibility. You can create up to 50 menu button layouts, accept cash or cashless payment and automatically update product prices.

Smart Till is great for accuracy and accountability. A seperate Administration System offers a ‘real time’ option for operator status and running total.

Key Features and Benefits
Touch screen function
You can login and operate the till via an easy to use touch screen. Up to 50 menu button layouts can be created, with each layout supporting 54 price lookups.
Cash & Cashless Paymente
Payment by cash and touch card is accepted. Refunds are also available. Money can be added onto the card from a central customer account. Credits can also be made into customer's account via a Pcounter CashPoint Value Loader Machines.
Access to all services via users card is secure. Loosing a card is not a problem since no value is stored on it.
Flexible menu system
Create and edit your own menus at the touch of a button. It allows you to build and modify up to 50 menu button layouts for various services such as food, drinks, books and clothing.
cash loader
Cashless Catering
The use of touch cards minimise cash handling and provide more secure form of payment.
A Network Solution
Smart till provides an easy way to streamline your security, library and cafeteria systems. Using the Pcounter system gives card users the ability to access and pay for the till, photocopy, print and vending services.
Market Sector opportunities
  • Universities
  • Schools and colleges
  • Business centers
  • Hospitals
  • Copy Shops
  • Commercial organisations
Product Applications
  • Cafeterias
  • Shops
  • Libraries