Pcounter Solution

Pcounter is a flexible and highly scalable print and copy management solution. Pcounter provides a wide range of cost control and cost recovery capabilities, eliminating waste and misuse, resulting in dramatic cost savings across your organisation.

Pcounter is ideal for identifying areas of document related cost within any organisational structure, helping to justify the rationalisation and re-allocation of print and copy resources and then enforcing a print policy based on sensible rules and restrictions.

Business challenge
Knowing the cost of printing and copying is the first step to controlling it, which should be as natural as controlling the travel budget since the cost of printing and copying typically is significantly higher. To get to this point, it is critical to know where the cost is spent today, to enable control of future cost.

Secure print is today as natural a demand as integrated devices for print and copy (MFP), and can be integrated with the device so release of print and access to copy is done on the user interface, and of course fully tracked, logged and controlled.
Key Challenges
  • Waste of resources due to ineffective printing and copying
  • Knowledge on current cost of printing and document management
  • Awareness of the cost of printing
  • Ineffective use of color for jobs where it’s not needed
  • Optimize the use of existing devices
  • Cost recovery where this is possible, Client Billing or Academic
  • Increase productivity by releasing print at the most appropriate device
  • Minimize cost by Rules based Printing e.g. auto delete of duplicates
  • Security so jobs only are released and picked up by the owner